Montana Island Challenge

About the Island Challenge

The Montana Island Challenge was conceived in 2012 by a group of Lewistown locals that wanted to pool the resources of 3 non-profit organizations and create a fund raising event that would expose and bring people to the beautiful central Montana area.

​Hosted in the mountain ranges surrounding Lewistown, the island challenge was comprised of events ranging from a 1 mile mud-run, to a 5k liesure hike, to half-marathons, to 12-hour overnight mountain bike races. The Montana Island Challenge has always had something for everybody.

Moving forward, the Island Challenge has transformed into a much larger challenge to conquer all of the island ranges from the Sweet Grass Hills in the North to the Pryors in the South. It is still driven by the desire of locals to expose everyone to the unique nature of the island ranges and the communities that are scattered among them.

Islands in Montana?

The Montana Island Challenge makes a reference to the island mountain ranges that exist in Central Montana to the East of the Rockies. While the elvation above the prairie varies from just over a thousand feet to many thousands of feet, all of these ranges offer views that are uncontested. It's not uncommon on a clear day to be able to see Wyoming and Canada from the same spot having conquered an island range.